Xel’naga Ashes

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KTV Xel'naga Ashes 0.0.251

KTV Xel’naga Ashes 0.0.251

So, after checking Sol Dios by Sunshine and wondering how i could make an entire map work around the feedback i gave Sunshine (The collapsible towers erasing minerals/gas) without falling into gimmicks i came up with this layout.

This map was done and textured in a period of two and a half days, but beware that does not mean that is a bad map! I accelerated the process just to be part of the current MotM contest. Making a map in a ~2 day period is something pretty big/incredible to me because i usually take weeks to do so! I really enjoyed making this map mostly because this kind of symmetry allows me to play around with some ideas i have been messing around with a lot lately, positional play and such, i also haven’t worked with volcanic tilesets in a good while so it’s nice to mess around with them ^^. Now I hope you guys enjoy the map as much as i enjoyed making it, hfhf!



Eye Candy:

Small info about the map:

◙ Mostly standard layout.
◙ North West expansions locked by rocks.
◙ Central High grounds are vital to control the pace of the game.
◙ Forward third base has a nonstandard amount of resources, 4Blue+3Gold mineral patches with 1 Rich vespene geyser (exposed) and 1 normal vespene geyser.
◙ Safe third base can be harassed from the high ground where the forth is located.
◙ Semi-island South East expansion.
◙ No Xel’naga watch towers.



♦ Version 1.1
Removed rocks that lead to the North-West top base.
Removed Lava beach splash to try and fix FPS issues.
Fixed central doodads so players can see them move through the fog of war.
Added GameHeart Support.

♦ Version 1.0

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Kantuva also known as Uvantak is SMA main Manager and Administrator, he also is an accomplished SC2 Community Map Maker, having worked on SC2 Level Design since its release alongside several other Mods and RTS projects, he has built a wealth of knowledge about some of the smallest details on StarCraft, details which he uses to help other Map Makers become better Level Designers.