Engines of War

Engines of War 1.0
by IeZaeL & ScorpSCII
ShoutCraft 2.0 Edition

The map features 3 huge turrets , which can be found in the middle and in the corners of the map. You can take them by having a unit near them ( same as XelNaga towers). Once captured , you will be able to use them to attack the enemy. Beware though , they can be destroyed !

Turret stats
HP: 3000
Armor : 2
Damage : 150damage on 6sec cooldown
Range : 50 ( center turret can hit natural , others cannot)

And thats about it I think , Im gonna wait until i can make the custom stuff as smooth as a delphin. This is gonna be one of my Shoutcraft submissions , so please make sure to comment here if you want to see the map played.




Kaldir – Korhal platform – Skygeirr lab


1.0 Updated to support the shoutcraft version

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