Breaking Point

Hello TL Com its Mereel,
here is my newest Map called Breaking Point. I had this nice Main/Nat/Third setup on paper and just had to use it. At first i had problems to make the third actually save for Protoss so i had to change the nat entrance to 2 Gatewaysize and reduce the ramp size towards the fourth back to 2.
The connection between the nat and the third contains a normal 6×6 rock and 2 mineralfields with 20 minerals each (i think the amount doesnt matter here, just more then 15). I added the 2 Mineralfields to get a wider gap so armees can easily walk in that area.
The rest is fairly standard stuff, fourth is a bit exposed with a backcliff and highground right next to it but i think pressure can be handled with 3 bases backup. (3 bases are enough to get 200 supply easily).
The Watchtowers dont have too much power, they see 2 attack pathes from 4, which is ok i think.
I dont think someone would take the middle bases before the regular base progression, so we have a nice tension in the late game because they are quite close to each other.
(Broodlords own that base though tehehee).
I tested the proportions how i always do it with 200 supply blink stalkers. It feld really good. So have fun i guess.
NA upload will come later! (no analyzer pictures with 1.5.0 -.-‘)


– removed Overlord spots in main bases
– added more space in the middle
– added a starting sound
– certain ramps are 1 size bigger
– areas are bigger in general
– nat entrance is 2 1/2 or 3 gateways (depends on position)
– one more texture
– added an additional ramp
– mapsize increased from 147×150 to 147×158
– more doodads^^

Update Pictures:


Size Pictures:


Texture: Custom
Playable: 147×158
Expands: 10 + 2 half
Xel’Naga: 2
Uploaded: EU
Nat/Nat: ~120

Strategie Map:

White = Scouting Route with 1 size ramp
Red = One viable attack path
Green = Second attack path on 3 or 4 bases



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