On The Trail

On The Trail
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Well well, here we are again. Been quite some time since the last thread, am i right?
So I’ve always wanted to do a map where the starting rush distance is veeeery long, creating some kind of tug-of-war gameplay, but that can be shortened by destroying some rocks. A central Xel’Naga will overlook all the possible attack paths, which is why controlling the middle will be so much important. Well, the first iterations weren’t really…. how to say it… playable. Just take a look at this shit. Seriously. But, after a couple times, I finally found a a layout that was good. The rocks are carefully positioned so the players can decide how they want to approach the game, either defensively or offensively (something that has become a staple of my maps lately). Additionally, the layout suited itself for the “Base-Pods” design for the various expansions, where each one is only connected by a single ramp, in most cases a small one. This was something that BW maps featured heavily, but unfortunately it hasn’t carried over to SC2 as much, mainly due to lack of positional units. With the new LOTV 4.0 changes, I believe this type of design is a breath of fresh wind that should be explored more.

Map Features
  • Rocks are carefully positioned to create a long rush path at the start, that can be shortened by players choice.
  • The map is set on an oil facility in a remote desert planet.
  • Multiple Third Bases choices, either highground or lowground.


MarSaraEx2 Organic/Manmade Cliffs

Aesthetic Shots


22/11/2017 – Version 1.0 Published

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