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[b]NA EU KR SEA[/b]
[i]By Timetwister22
v1.0 [/i]
[b]Playable[/b]: 120×152

[spoiler]I wanted this map to allow for macro and late game play, while giving plenty of opportunity to harass.

The interesting take on the natural is the most notable feature of the map. While the base and mineral line is on the high ground, the player must defend the low ground to be able to mine. The choke on the low ground is as wide as an average natural choke, yet the backdoor is quite wide. If the low ground is lost, the player will most likely lose mining ability at the natural, but not the base.

The other bases were designed with aggression in mind as well, so harassment can continue into the late game.

This map has no Xel’Naga watchtowers. [/spoiler]

Ulaan Dirt
Ulaan Grunge
Shakuras Sand Dark
Avernus Small Tiles
Ulaan Dirt Cracked
Korhal Platform Tiles

Zhakul’Das Organic Cliffs
Korhal Platform Manmade Cliff

Zhakul’Das Lighting – slightly altered in increase brightness.

[b]Aesthetic Shots[/b]
Inspired by one of my previous maps, Tanzanite.






[b]Change Log[/b]
Minor aesthetic bug updates.
-Fixed many bugs where units were able to blink or be dropped in unintended areas.
-Fixed areas where units would get stuck via blink/cliff walking
-Made the map look slightly nicer on low settings
V1.1 – [spoiler][url=][img][/img][/url][/spoiler]
-Changed large diagonal rocks to collapse rocks. This will have that third path initially open, so Zerg can more easily take a quick third. Yet, the path can still be closed to secure the low ground or cut of forces from third.

As always, feedback is more than welcome šŸ™‚

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