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SC2MA_a12 (Win) | SC2MA_a12 (Mac) [Latest]

To use:

  • Unzip with your preferred compression tool (We recommend 7zip).

  • Place the folder on your desired location (We recommend you make a folder on MyDocuments).
  • Click & open SC2MA.exe.

  • You will be received by a grey box.
  • Legacy of the Void map Files can be opened directly or dragged into the box.
  • Fiddle with the options, as you desire (It is recommended not to change the colors of openness for QoL reasons).
  • When finished save the image.

Previous Versions

SC2MA_a11 (Win)
SC2MA_a10 (Win)
SC2MA_a9 (Win)
SC2MA_a8 (Win)
SC2MA_a5 (Win)
sc2-mapanalyzer-release-1.4.8 (Win)
sc2mapanalyzer-release-1.4.6 (Win)
sc2mapanalyzer-release-1.4.3 (Win)

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