KTV Dallaire is an small tribute to the UNAMIR workers and peacekeepers that did all they could to save as many lives as possible form the Rwandan Genocide in the face of the adversity.

Regarding the layout of the map, Dallaire uses concepts of Stagnation Points, which are based on the idea of abusing the weak area control, but by area deny Deathball armies have, and how these kind of armies interact with medium sized passages which act as traps when an army faces another that is right outside the passage only split over a concave. Because of that the aggressor will not want to attack directly across the path, but instead he will try to surround,. Meaning that neither player will want to attack across the pathway, without strong area control units.

The center of the map is map uninteresting and easy to take on purpose, so it allows for players to split cheap mineral units into raiding parties, and harass the enemy bases that are being taken far away.

Useful Links

TeamLiquid Thread: KTV Dallaire

Changelog of the map

V 1.10
♦ Altered the center of the map to reduce the general openness.
♦ Small aesthetic changes.
♦ Small pathing issues fixed.

V 1.00
♦ Published.

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