Tamerlane’s Sangar

70º Overview

Tamerlane’s Sangar is a map that was created for the TeamLiquid Map Contest 4 alongside Foxtrot Labs and Kamala Park, and it combines ideas from both, while adding new ones such as the big optional entrance to the Natural blocked by two sets of rocks, a relatively far Third base for the Top Left and Bottom Right spawns, but that can be easily defended, droppeable central highgrounds and an open center.

Because the map uses a standard layout, but with some quite nonstandard features the balance of the map is very scrambled, which just like Foxtrot makes for some interesting matches.

On the aesthetics area, Tamerlane’s Sangar is based on a forward desert outpost. The map aesthetics have vibes of the StarShip Troopers Whiskey Outpost, which is something totally intended, specially with the central droppeable highgrounds.

Useful Links

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Changelog of the map

V 1.00
♦ Published.

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Kantuva also known as Uvantak is SMA main Manager and Administrator, he also is an accomplished SC2 Community Map Maker, having worked on SC2 Level Design since its release alongside several other Mods and RTS projects, he has built a wealth of knowledge about some of the smallest details on StarCraft, details which he uses to help other Map Makers become better Level Designers.