70º Overview

Kanzan aesthetic theme is based in the same ideals of the well received Kamala Park, but in the case of Kanzan the park is based on top of a busy living complex, such idea has been done before many times, but they hardly have a background that goes deeper than that, for Kanzan this background comes from the infamous Kowloon Walled City, which was demolished and transformed into a beautiful park, yet many living in Hong Kong felt that even while the Walled City was an awful smear in Hong Kong’s otherwise beautiful ambient, it still played an important part in the identity of the city.

Kanzan aims to explore the idea of “Planned Ghettos” in Korhal where thousands of people can live inside these huge bulking structures, but instead of them being chaotic lawless places they are organized and well designed buildings where people actually want to live on.

The map uses core ideas that were developed on Samarra Mines, Miami 2100 and Cloud Kingdom. Place attention the way the Main base gives way to the Main ramp into the Natural (Samarra & Cloud), and the Natural gives way with two ramps into the third (Miami) or how the center has a central high-ground which is ortogonal to the main attack pathway in a otherwise flat layout (Cloud & Miami); in the case of the central high ground it is wildly known that said terrain features tend to promote a more explosive and snowball-y type of gameplay because that who holds the central high ground can put pressure on his opponent more easily (via drops or just ground pressure), and because of the high ground the defensive player has a harder time trying to attack into the center of the map, yet because of the way the Main to Fourth bases are set up they allow for an easy time defending them, allowing the defensive player to funnel the attacking one into checkpoints generating inefficient trades for him, which in the long run means that the attacking player will start running out of steam creating conflicts in the center of the map as the Late-Midgame/Early-Lategame approaches.

It is my hope that players enjoy Kanzan as much as I enjoyed designing it.

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Alternate overviews: 90º Overview

Changelog of the map

V 1.10
♦ Added destructible tower and rocks to aid with 9 and 3 Fourth bases being easier to hold.

V 1.00
♦ Published.
♦ Map Submitted to the TLMC#6.

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