70º Overview

Overview 70º KTV Kipuka v0.1.13

Based on the TLMC#5 2nd place KTV Kipuka expands and simplifies the ideas explored by KTV Ganymede of 4 central high grounds all positioned relative to each other on a  chess board like pattern, so players are able and encouraged to control terrain, but the central Xel’naga tower in the low ground is still a point of contention that can spoil the army positioning of players, so if a player wants to stage a defensive line in the center to avoid his bases being exposed, then he will need to have in mind to control or deny the Xel’naga Watch Tower.

To compensate the center of the map being such a strong contention point which can divide the map in half depending on the staging the players want to take, the map uses a standard Main and Natural placement with accents from KTV Chaac Marshes to allow for optional expanding paths, allowing the player to choose how does he feels he should play the map.

The aesthetics of the map are not something that ones sees everyday, and are based on the creation of the Deccan Traps on India, where lava rose from a geologic hotspot. Meanwhile the name of the map comes directly from Hawaii, one of the few cultures exposed enough to volcanic activity to develop their own words for the events that happened on the isles.

Progames played on the map

Changelog of the map

V 1.10
♦ Moved rocks on the forward Third base ramp to the inner side of the map.

V 1.00
♦ Published.
♦ Map Submitted to the TLMC#6.

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Kantuva also known as Uvantak is SMA main Manager and Administrator, he also is an accomplished SC2 Community Map Maker, having worked on SC2 Level Design since its release alongside several other Mods and RTS projects, he has built a wealth of knowledge about some of the smallest details on StarCraft, details which he uses to help other Map Makers become better Level Designers.