Kherrisan Rift

This map was created not long after I made my previous map Cerulean Fall, but I’ve been holding onto it for quite some time. Recently decided to make a few changes, and also figured I could go ahead and put up a thread.

Before I made this map, I happened to be doing a playthrough of the Legacy of the Void campaign, and when I had played through the initial missions taking place on Aiur, I felt compelled to make a map with an similar aesthetic. Immediately after finishing the playthrough some days later, I opened up the editor and started working on this map.

Similarly to my previously mentioned map, this map was started because of my compulsion to make a satisfying aesthetic, completing doodads in areas such as the main and natural, and the highground 3rd, before I had even made a rudimentary layout for the 4th bases and beyond. Some strange features of the map are there entirely for the reason I just wanted to make a particular look, and admittedly, I think that this has had some negative impacts on gameplay. Still, it is probably one of my better maps, although certainly not without issues.

Spoiler for PS
Yes, I am gonna stop making these huge maps, I need to get with the times and start making smaller maps. 😛

Map Specifications

NA | EU | KR

Bounds: 152×152

Rush Distance:
Main to main: 46
Natural to natural: 33



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