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I am excited to announce that for the rest of 2017 (2018 is a possibility), I will be conducting map streaming work for Kings of the North, with mapmaking on the side. My devotion to the map community will be aimed at bringing a better player and fan experience to the KOTN organization, whether short-term or long-term. I still have some smaller details to work out on this map, which I will finish up on stream under the KOTN banner this week. Until then, it is published for you to try out.

My first KOTN map is Snowfall which features Asian pagodas and other related aesthetics throughout the map to feel more ancient. The setting is in winter, which produces a fear-mongering, war atmosphere that ties nicely with the artwork. Special thanks to RQM for lending a hand!


Size: 144×144
Main to main: 48 seconds
Natural to Natural: 35 seconds
Rocks on center ramps which open up critical paths
NO WATCH TOWERS – happy scouting



Works in the pipeline:


1) Experiment with more snow drifts and fog
2) Work on pathing
3) Testing the FPS for doodad-heavy areas

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Kantuva also known as Uvantak is SMA main Manager and Administrator, he also is an accomplished SC2 Community Map Maker, having worked on SC2 Level Design since its release alongside several other Mods and RTS projects, he has built a wealth of knowledge about some of the smallest details on StarCraft, details which he uses to help other Map Makers become better Level Designers.