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Spoiler for Overview (high res)

I spent way too long on this one. This will probably be my last map in a little while due to IRL stuff. I came up with the layout a while ago but as I made it it became more and more experimental, it got to the point where I went ‘fuck it, lets go full retard’ and this is the result.

The main and nat are fairly standard, the main is quite large but is easily defended against reapers and blink stalkers, drops could be tricky though. The nat choke is 9 wide and there are a few different ways of walling off. The 3rd is just a stones throw from the nat but is quite open, the LoS blockers between the 2 should promote smart play, I especially see zerg players using them to help get surrounds. Controlling the area between the 3rds is very important, especially in close positions. The XNTs provide vision of the main attack path and the route to avoid them is very long so controlling them is especially important. The 4th is essentially a 6m1hg expansion as 2 of the mineral patches only contain 42 mins, this makes defending the base a bit easier (you units can get through to the other side of the minerals without having to go right around). It also means that you can take the high yield gas on the other side, but it will take a lot of workers to saturate (gives you some interesting min/gas decisions in late game). Overall I tried to keep the attack paths quite wide as I was worried that the restrictive XNTs and relatively short rush distances could be hard for zerg. I also tried to give each base a distinct feel and phase to the game. Hopefully I have designed some unique features that smart players will be able to use to their advantage, I know that it is unlikely to be perfectly balanced but as I said, fuck it.


1990 Doodads

HotS textures with wrl’s Odin cliffs.

Spoiler for Aesthetics




4th (notice the depleted minerals on the far side)



Some of the texturing (the main reason the map took so long)

More Aesthetics

These screenshots don’t really do the map justice, it looks way better in the fully animated flesh 🙂

High Level Replays

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