Noah’s Ark

Map created by: SUPEROUMAN
TeamLiquid Map Contest 6 Finalist
90° view
60° view

Map Info:
Size: 142×142
Map theme: It’s Noah’s Ark, there are plenty of animals in the middle
Notable features: Short and very tight path going through the middle. Top expands are open, bottom expands are closed. Very wide open middle.
I understand that the map overview can be confusing to read, especially the middle. I am constrained by the map theme which forces me to put an area with with a totally different color in the middle. I usually always avoid that because the map readability is one of the most important aspects. It shouldn’t happen again in the future, please bear with me.

Rush Distances:

Added blue lines for minerals because Mineral (Lab) isn’t display on the analyzer
Map features:
Main :

Natural :

Blocked with 3 3×3 buildings

Closed third:

You can block it with only one 3×3 builing.

Open third

Closed fourth

Open fourth

Tight path in front of the natural ramp

It’s very easy to defend this ramp and not let the opponent move forward. You can also put some ranged units on the highground to shoot at the units in the crevice.

Bottom open area with ridges

Middle with the ramp linking the two halves

Top open area

It is much larger than the bottom one.


Spaceshark and Spacesharkette with their friends

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