DF Revival – version 0.1
Uploaded – [NA] [EU] [KR] [SEA]

4 players
playable 160×160
1 xel’naga tower
16 8m2g bases(12 expansions)

So we finally got the break we’ve all been waiting for. Yes, even you. We all got a much-needed buff to the editor, replete with some new delicious LotV assets. How else do you celebrate such an avalanche of sweet art stuffs? Exactly, you make a map with an old tileset, hack in one of the LotV textures they didn’t give us, and top it off with a handful of the stuff we actually got. In the same spirit, I’ve given you a groundbreaking 4-spawn map, resplendent with unique features.

It’s got a Xel’Naga Tower, that watches over the middle stuff.


Spoiler for Pictures!


Spoiler for Changelog!
0.1 – current

Old Shit:

Leper Messiah
DF Silent Line
DF Flagship Damocles

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