[center][b]Blueshift 0.1[/b]

tl;dr [url=]Frozen Temple[/url] + [url=]Catalyst[/url]

[ul][li]Center corridor offers a direct but easy to defend attack route, obscured by LoS blockers and surrounded by chokes on either end[/li]
[li]High ground paths offer longer but more open attack routes[/li]
[li]4 sets of rocks which connect the center valley to the high ground paths, opening up the map if destroyed[/li][/ul]






-Shakuras City3
-Shakuras Temple2
-Shakuras Temple3
-Shakuras Temple4
-Phaethon Rock Rough
-Phaethon Dirt Light
-Phaethon Sand Dark
-Phaethon Dunes

-Castanar Organic Cliffs
-Skygeirr Platform Manmade Cliffs 0

[b]Lighting:[/b] Shakuras Temple[/spoiler]

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